The Role of Rituals in Adversarial Parliaments: An Analysis of Expressions of Collegiality in the British House of Commons Historical Social Research 48 (3): 209-234 with David Beck and Thomas Saalfeld (Invited Submission to Special Issue – The Emergence and Effects of Non-hierarchical Collective Agency eds. Johannes Marx & Thomas Gehring)

Working Papers:

  • (Mis)perception of Party-voter Congruence and Satisfaction with Democracy (Royce Carroll and Li Tang R&R at Political Science Research and Methods ) [  slides  ]
  • Electoral Reform and Fragmented Polarization: New Evidence from Taiwan Legislative Roll Call ( R&R at Legislative Studies Quarterly) [   slides  ]

  • Electoral Reform and Pork Barrel in Parliamentary Questions [  paper  | slides  ]


PhD Thesis:

Electoral Reform, Distributive Politics, and Parties in the Taiwanese Congress (awarded 2021 Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology Overseas Pioneers Grant 科技部台灣海外人才培育計畫, USD$32,000)