Under Review

Working Papers

  • Catalysts for Change? Policy Recommendations in Research on Renewable Energy and Climate Change (with Brian Boyle and Stefan Müller)

  • Multilingual Stance Detection in Political Text: Interpretation, Applications, and Limitations (with Stefan Müller)

  • Grandstanding under the Spotlight: Unveiling European Elites Crisis Communication in the Council of the European Union (with Paula Montano and James Cross)

  • Political Preferences for Pork Barrel Messages under Different Electoral Systems [PDF] (Updated on Feb 8 2024)


  • Shaping Policy Agendas: The Influence of Electoral Systems on Party Convergence and Divergence in Issue Attentions (Yu-Ceng Liao and Yi-ting Wang)

  • The Effect of Misperception on Election Voting: Evidence from a Field Experiment (Royce Carroll, Yen-Chieh Liao and Penghui Yin)

  • Shock Rhetoric: Local Exposure to Trade Shocks and Rhetorical Extremism in the US House of Representatives (with Zikai Li)